Here at ONGOZY, we choose to partner with authentic brands who share our passion for adventure and offer products designed with experience seekers in mind. We want to introduce you to one such partner: the inspiring team behind TRAIL FORTY, Gilbert and Brittnee Gonzalez.

ONGOZY: When did trail hiking/camping become a lifestyle and what is your earliest memory of either?

Gilbert, TRAIL FORTY: I can remember doing overlanding trips with my father as early as eight years old. We would load the car up, choose a road, and camp wherever the sunset would land us. Sometimes the roads were paved, rocky, or even river crossings. The best was when we ended at the ocean. I can still hear the ocean waves now!

Brittnee, TRAIL FORTY: The earliest memories of the outdoors would be fishing with my father. Before his passing we took a road trip with the whole family, all 8 of us packed up in our suburban, to Colorado to visit my uncle. I was the only lucky one to catch a fish on that trip and the memories along the way of hiking and observing the beautiful outdoors will never leave me.

O: What distinguishes your products and brand?

TF: We have a love for the outdoors, tactical, and everyday carry. The products we offer are the products we use. Our brand has a nice resting spot in between tactical gear and outdoor gear that is functional for everyday use.

O: What is the longest time you've spent in the wilderness? What are some of the major differences between the person who went in and the person who came out?

TF: We would say for the both of us together it was a week. We went in full of clutter from the daily urban life... Work, stress, and technology were hovering around us like a pack of bees! When we came out it was as if we hit the refresh button on our life. Not just the day, but honestly life. We backpacked semi-ultralight. The idea of surviving with only what was on our back opened us up to realize that we do live with unneeded things. Something that reallyresonated with us was the peace that the wilderness gives."So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed." - Luke 5:16. Because of this scripture, our slogan and what we encourage others to do is "WITHDRAW INTO THE WILDERNESS."

Gilbert and Britnee Gonzalez of TRAIL FORTY

O: When you go on an extended hike, what are you most eager to leave behind and likely to discover in its absence?

TF: We are usually eager to leave behind unneeded technology and look forward to quality conversations. We even practice this at home by not having a TV. I know, it's crazy!

O: Where are you going next and what do you expect from your next adventure?

TF: We have been recently blessed with a little boy! Currently, our adventures evolve around him. In our family meetings Yosemite, High Sierras, Catalina Island, and Kauai have come up.

O: You're having a meal around a campfire. What would the meal be and who would it be with, living or dead?

G: There are so many good food options that we love that range from steak to veggie options. A steak seasoned with thyme, rosemary, and garlic with some baby broccoli or spicy black bean burgers with tomato soup for our son and his grandpa.

B: I would imagine being bundled up with a nice warm bowl of chili and cup of hot apple cider with a skillet brownie for dessert. Nothing complex. All I need by my side would be my husband, our baby boy and the sounds of nature or some good campfire music in the background.

O: If you could provide one experience that would make someone's life better, what would it be and why?

G: It would be to come together as a group and put our personal resources together to serve others.

B: To provide a way for a person to experience true joy. Everyone needs to experience joy in their life yet far too often we over complicate things or overlook the good in things all while missing the simple joys in life.

O: Why is it important for you to share your experiences?

TF: Our wish for others is that they live life today. The labor will always be there to be done but it is important that you invest time with the ones you love. If you can schedule work, you can schedule the time to make memories. Having a routine is good but don't get stuck in a rut. Look up and increase your vantage point.

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